Chris Fechner

General Manager
Brief info

MNP Security General Manager Chris Fechner brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge in both the security industry and management as a whole, with a proven track record of providing respective clients with professionally tailored services unique to their individual needs and requirements.

Chris has worked in various levels of management across multiple industries since 2008 prior to getting his start in the Security Industry in 2013. After 6 months of employment as a casual security guard with a small security firm, Chris’s leadership and organisational skills helped to change the course of the company and he was subsequently offered the position of Operations Manager as well as being awarded the “staff member of the year” for his relentless approach to business and staff development.

During this period Chris used his skill sets and knowledge to improve operational procedures while simultaneously growing the staff and client base. Chris also created a comprehensive staff training curriculum with an emphasis on customer service, legislation regulations and effective communication and de-escalation skills as he understood this would be paramount in improving the public perception of the security industry while simultaneously improving patron retention within licensed premises and optimising security operations across the board.

In 2019 Chris accepted the role of General Manager and now directly oversees MNP Security and its management team in the development and delivery of premium security services to multiple industries across Australia.

Chris's proven leadership focuses on maintaining efficient working processes and procedures, staff development/ training and constant evaluation of staff and operations to guarantee a high level of service is consistently provided. Chris regularly meets with clients and members of various government agencies such as Queensland Police Service and Department of Fair Trading to ensure MNP Security is consistently operating at optimal capacity while ensuring legislation compliance is met and liability is minimized.