Licenced Venues Security

MNP Security provides specialist security services to a wide range of pubs, hotels, clubs, taverns with an emphasis on customer service and risk mitigation.

All MNP staff are required to attend and show a high level of competence in our comprehensive training curriculum which is constantly being updated to adhere to current legislation and advice from Government Departments.

The curriculum involves various modules including but not limited to:
-Advanced responsible service of alcohol
-Advanced communication and de escalation techniques
-Team work and positioning
-Radio etiquette
-Report writing

Members of Queensland Police Service and the Department of Fair Trading regularly attend our training sessions to keep us up to date and give valuable insight into current statistics, trends and legislative changes.

MNP Venue security teams are screened and selected specific to each venues individual needs and requirements as we believe a one-size-fits-all approach to security is not the most effective way, so we cater for every need, from nightclub security all the way through to executive concierge. MNP Security also offers complementary risk assessments and analysis to clients to maintain and improve safety and minimise liability.

Whether you require security for your venue, event, private party, MNP Security can provide you with the highest quality of services at affordable rates so request your quote today!